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Natural & Hairy has been adding ALOT of new hairy models to their site in the daily updates lately. They've been adding so many that I'm going to have to break this post into at least three parts. So today I'm only going to cover the new models added from May 4th - May 6th.

Cloe ( May 4 )
There are 79 pics in this set of Cloe. She's been added to the Scary Hairy section, Volume 335. She's a nice young brunette chick with a bushy cunt. She looks like she's having fun during this photoshoot. I'd say she's fuckable.


Ekaterina ( May 5 )
Fucking sweet little brunette chick, she looks very similar to another model I've seen at Natural & Hairy, but of course I can't come up with her name just now! Ekaterina has a real nice set of tits on her. She was added to the Young & Hairy section, Volume 826. There are 192 pics in this great set with LOTS of wide spread shots. Really nice!


Nadine ( May 6 )
Added to the Young & Hairy section, Volume 826. Nadine has long waist-length curly hair. She's slim and sweet! She's got a decent set of lungs. There's 130 pics in this set with some nice spread shots. Yes, I like this chick and I can't wait to see more of her!


Friede ( May 6 )
Here's another redhead chick that was added to the Scary Hairy section, Volume 335. There's 80 pics in this set of Friede posing on a couch. She's got bright red pussy hair, and short hair on her head. Her cunt hair extends up to her belly-button. Someone recently told me that's called "Happy Trails". Well then Friede has a happy trail! There are some really nice spread shots of her and she also has nice pussy lips too. She's smiling the whole time, which made me think that this chick is playful. She sure looks like it! Overall? Not bad at all!


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