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Tereza: (March 7/05)
There's about 130 pics in this set of Tereza. She's very fuckable. She's got a nice set of natural tits, a nice bushy cunt and nice cunt lips. She's laying on her bed in this series. She looks to be early twenties, short hair, cute face. This was added to the "scary hairy" section, Volume 322. This little chick is very fuckable, I sure hope to see more of this one soon!

Julia: (March 7/05)
Not so many pics in this set, probably about 80 or 90. She's a nice looking blonde, now a part of the "mature" section, Volume 72. In this set she's posing on a chair. She does have a nice cunt and she spreads it wide. She's not one of my favorites yet but she's easy to look at, especially her hairy snatch! I still wouldn't mind fucking her though.

Amber: (March 8/05)
Amber is now in the "Young & Hairy" section, Volume 812. There's about 75 pics in this set. She's got an average set of tits and a hairy cunt but there aren't many spread shots. She's OK I guess, but I'm not so crazy about her or this particular gallery. I'm sure I'd still fuck it though.

Samantha: (March 11/05)
Cute little chick added to the "Exotic and Hairy" section of the site. This honey is a cheerleader posing in a locker room. She looks pretty cute, and she has a hairy snatch, but there are not enough spread shots for my liking. We'll have to wait and see what she has to offer next time.

Kathy: (March 12/05)
Kathy was added to the "Hairy Fun" section of the site. There's 142 pictures in this great set. She's laying on a bed in her sexy see-through lingerie. The way it's bunched up at the bottom makes her cunt lips push out. It's hard to explain but it looks great. Nice lips! You can see her lips sticking out and you can tell that she's got a hairy bush. She has a nice set of natural tits on her, too.

Towards the end of the set she's got her "balls-on-a-string" that she stuffs into her cunt, then she slowly pulls them out. This shows her nice cunt lips even better. In these final pics you can see what nice red hair Kathy has. Pretty cute chick, I wouldn't mind seeing more of her soon.

Kitty: (March 12/05)
This one has a pretty hairy bush, she was added to the "Scary Hairy" section of the site. There's only about 50 pics in this set. This Kitty is not bad, she does kind of have nice tits and she's got hairy legs too. I thought the set was over a bit quick. She was laying on the floor anyways, I think there should have been more to the set. So either the photographer ran out of film or he ended up getting lucky. Who knows? I think the next set of Kitty will be alot better.

Anna: (March 12/05)
Here's a sweet little chick with short black hair. She's got a nice body and a bushy cunt too. She's posing on a counter, and she's wearing some sexy lingerie. She spreads her cunt wide and shows her nice lips. I'd love to spend some time with this lady. She was added to the "Young and Hairy" section.

Those were all the new models that were added in the past week. That's in addition to the models who already had existing galleries on the site. ATK Natural & Hairy is an incredible site. Your membership buys you 12,000 new photos monthly in addition to the 750,000+ already available. If you're looking for natural and hairy girls in high quality pictures, nobody does it like ATK.

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