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Hairy Teen Rayne

December 07, 2007 By: HoRNy Rico Category: Hairy Pussy, Hairy Teens No Comments →


Rayne is a 19 year old cutie from Natural & Hairy’s young and hairy section. She has 10 nice galleries and a nice ass. Yes, her hairy pussy looks sweet too.

I thought this set was pretty cool. She get’s into the shower but it seems that she kind of forgot to finish getting undressed first. I like how you can see her bush through her wet night-shirt.

This hairy chick has a nice variety of galleries in several locations. I liked this set, and one of her on a bed. There are some outdoor scenes that I liked of her as well. There’s even a foot-fetish gallery too, for the guys who are into that. That particular gallery also really shows you what a nice ass that Rayne has.

Rayne is a decent spreader and is a student. I think she’s working on getting her pilot’s license. She also says that she wants to join the mile high club.

This little chick is a cutie, and her hairy pussy looks tight and nice. She also has 10 galleries available at ATK Galleria.

Pictures and bio courtesy of ATK Natural & Hairy

Hairy Favorite Maureen

December 01, 2007 By: HoRNy Rico Category: Hairy Pussy, Hairy Teens No Comments →


Maureen is an awesome hairy babe and has seven galleries left out of who knows how many she made? Those ones left are at Natural & Hairy of couse. The other ones I guess will appear at either ATK Exotics one day or at the archives. The seven sets that are left now are real nice though. And why do they move them anyway? ATK adds so much content every day that they eventually have to make room for new hairy babes, so unfortunately some stuff gets moved. Maureen also has nine huge movies.

She’s an excellent spreader and has a nice hairy bush on her, as well as a nice set of lungs which you can obviously see.

Maureen was 19 years old when she first appeared at Natural and Hairy. She has a nice 38″ bust and works as a clerk at a bookstore.

Besides those seven excellent galleries and the nine huge movies, Maureen also has a full bio available as well. She seems to be open to new ideas, so if you could come up with some good shit you might have a chance to fuck that nice hairy pussy of her’s! Maureen loves being on top! That way she can control how deep your cock will go into her, and how fast.

You can see all of Maureen’s nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

ATK Alissia

October 19, 2007 By: HoRNy Rico Category: Hairy Pussy, Hairy Teens No Comments →


Alissia is pretty cute. and has four galleries available so far. She’s got a tight hairy pussy and she looks playful. She’s also got a nice set of tits on her. These shots are from her most recent gallery, which I thought was pretty interesting.

That dildo looks kind of strange, I really can’t remember having seen anything quite like that one. There are a few pictures of her holding it to her mouth, and at first I thought like, what is that, a fucking Gumby?

I like the shot of her from behind because you can see her cameltoe a bit. That’s enough to tell she’s got one, at least. If you took a look through all of her available galleries you’d come up with some decent cameltoe shots of her hairy cunt.

Alissia is 18 years old. I did a search from her model page for similar models and got 30 results. Pretty cool.

You can see all of Alissia’s work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

New Model With Hairy Legs

October 10, 2007 By: HoRNy Rico Category: Hairy Pussy, Hairy Teens No Comments →


There’s this new girl on the block named Kten. She was first added to Natural & Hairy on September 19th, and currently has three galleries so far. Second, third and fourth galleries of any model seem to come out at the rate of one a week. I’ve noticed that usually that’s how it seems to work.

Kten has hairy legs and a treasure trail, and I’ve heard only good comments about her so far. From her bio I gathered that she’s bisexual, although it didn’t exactly say that. She says in one question that she wants to find a geeky girlfriend, and in another that she likes to take it from behind while she’s bent over holding her ankles.

There’s not any hairy pussy in today’s post for some reason. I wonder why it was that I saved these particular shots anyway? We’ll have Kten back again and give her the proper showing she deserves. But the gallery itself was pretty good.

You can see all of Kten’s work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Viktoria’s Awesome Cunt

October 05, 2007 By: HoRNy Rico Category: Hairy Pussy, Hairy Teens No Comments →


I was looking through some of my picture collection the other day and came across several awesome shots of Viktoria. The set that these pictures came from was awesome, as are all of her sets.

It starts off with Viktoria prancing around and lifting up the red dress that she’s wearing. She looks so sweet and very fuckable even before you get to see her nice pussy. Later in the set she lays back on a bed and does some excellent spreading. She looks incredibly hot, and I’d marry this chick in an instant. There are a ton of absolutely amazing spreadshots of this sweetie in the complete set.

Viktoria currently has 13 excellent galleries in the scary hairy section of Natural & Hairy. We haven’t seen any new work from her for a while now, and I wonder why they stopped adding galleries at 13? Strange, because I was under the impression that they always had at least 10 then 20 sets of any one model. I’d love to see more of her work.

This babe is 19 years old and lists her occupation as a housewife. Damn, she’s already married! Whoever snagged this hairy cutie is one lucky guy!

You can see all of Viktoria’s hot galleries at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Teen Alexandra

October 03, 2007 By: HoRNy Rico Category: Hairy Pussy, Hairy Teens No Comments →


Alexandra currently has 24 galleries and 20 movies so far at Natural & Hairy. These pics are from her most recent set. Her hair looks different all of a sudden in this set. I like the slight curls or that bit of waviness that she’s got now.

In that closeup shot of her hairy pussy it looks like her snapper is just ready to grab your dick and pull you inside her. Ha ha ha… got you now… she’s gonna’ own your cock! I’d like to have Alexandra get and top and rub her slit along my dick for at least 15 or 20 minutes, and then she could put it inside whenever she’s ready.

I had an asian girlfriend before who was an expert at teasing my dick, and this was one of her tricks. Once she finally put it inside her, she’d only just fuck the head of my cock, stopping between every third or fourth stroke to squeeze for a bit. Fuck that was so awesome. No wonder I’m so hooked on chinagirls. I’d love to have this Alexandra chick do that too.

This cutie is an excellent spreader. I’ve got many perfect shots of her cunt spread wide. She’s 19 years old and is a student from Russia.

Alexandra says her favorite sexual position is 69. That would be fine with me, but after seeing so many excellent spreadshots of her hairy pussy, I think I’d much rather get on top.

You can see all of Alexandra’s nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Elizaveta Does A Bottle

September 16, 2007 By: HoRNy Rico Category: Hairy Pussy, Hairy Teens No Comments →


The Hairy Fun section at Natural & Hairy is amazing. They come up with some awesome galleries, and this set of Elizaveta making love to a bottle is excellent.

Let’s see… she starts off by laying back, spreading her tight hairy pussy, and there’s no bottle in site. But then all of a sudden this bottle appears, and she eventually aims it towards her cunt. What do you think she intends to do with it?

She fucks it of course! The best part I thought, were some views of her from behind, and she’s getting on top of it and fucks it really nice. That was so hot! It really should’ve been my dick in place of that bottle.

The Hairy Fun section usually has sets similar to this one, although the bottle was something of a nice change. The girls use all kinds of stuff, usually dildos. I always check this section of the site for updates too, because I’ve found that these galleries can have some really excellent pictures in them.

Elizaveta is 18 years old and looks like a Euro-babe. My guess is that she’s from Poland, but like I said, that’s only a guess. Wherever she’s from, she’s still cute.

There are 11 nice galleries of Elizaveta so far, most of which appear in the Young & Hairy section.

Pictures courtesy of ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Outdoor Poser

September 11, 2007 By: HoRNy Rico Category: Hairy Pits, Hairy Pussy, Hairy Teens 1 Comment →


I’ve always loved to see galleries of hairy women posing outside, and this chick Jessica is doing a fine job. She currently has five galleries, all of which appear in the Scary Hairy section, and all of those galleries are of her posing outside.

Jessica is 19 years old and is an artist. I love her nice hairy bush, and the hairy pits are a real nice touch. I don’t even mind all the jewelry. I think this hairy babe would be real fun to know in real life. She likes to get on top, so that would be an added bonus!

The pictures from this gallery appeared in Scary Hairy volume 509, which seemed like moons ago. They’ve added in so much more hairy cunt to this section that this Jessica gallery seems to be a bit lost in there. They even added another gallery of this cutie since this one came out. They’re working on volume 511 at the moment.

You can see all of Jessica at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Roxy’s Nice Hairy Cunt

September 08, 2007 By: HoRNy Rico Category: Hairy Pussy, Hairy Teens No Comments →



Roxy has five excellent galleries at Natural & Hairy as of today. These pics are from today’s set, which I really enjoyed. Her pussy looks noticeably tight in this gallery.

This hairy cutie is 19 years old and is an excellent spreader. She likes to be kissed on the neck… don’t almost all women get turned on by that?

I checked her model bio, as I always do, and she says her favorite sexual position is spooning. There we go again… spooning… I’ve seen several hairy models who’ve said that’s there favorite position, but sorry, I still don’t really understand what that one is. If we were to spend some time together, should I place the head of my dick on a spoon and guide it towards her mouth? That would be something, eh?

Roxy was first added to the Young & Hairy section back on July 30th. Her sets are all great, and now I can’t wait to see her next one.

You can see all of Roxy’s galleries at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Teen Cutie

July 22, 2007 By: HoRNy Rico Category: Hairy Pussy, Hairy Teens No Comments →

This chick Cleopatra is a real cutie. She’s 19 years old and is a student from California.

Cleopatra already has 15 excellent galleries at Natural & Hairy, as well as 12 movie clips. These are current numbers as of today, but this will change. I can never pretend to keep correcting the numbers of hairy galleries or hairy movies that I say a model has. Natural & Hairy updates their site with 10 new things every day, so it would almost be like a full-time job trying to keep up with them.

Anyway, she’s got a full bio and says she likes to watch movies and play pool. I consider myself to be a pretty good shot too, so maybe I could challenge her to a game. But just to keep it interesting we’ll play for… let’s see… the winner has to fuck the loser. Talk about a quick game, huh? Actually, let’s just forget the game and go to bed! I really need to find myself a hairy cutie who’ll accept those terms.

There is a pretty recent gallery of Cleopatra as a cheerleader on our main page. If you haven’t seen it yet, check out these samples of Cleopatra. These are from a pretty nice set.

Speaking of nice sets, today’s sample pictures are also from a nice set. I love the first shot of her from behind. She’s got a nice ass. And in the second pic, her pussy looks super tight. What a sweetheart!

She says that she’s looking for a cute guy who treats her good, but I guess she’s found someone because I noticed that ring on her finger. Whoever managed to snag this cutie did pretty good for himself. She looks like a nice catch!


Pictures courtesy of ATK Natural & Hairy.