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Slim Hairy Russian Hottie

January 30, 2013 By: HoRNy Rico Category: Hairy Pits, Hairy Pussy No Comments →

What a little sweety. Check out this hairy girl Alisa from We Are Hairy, who is slim and very fuckable. She’s a cute babe who has very hairy pits, a nice cunt and a nice bush. Oh yeah, I like this girl.

Alisa also has a nice gap and you’ll really enjoy checking out all her work. There’s supposed to be a story to this one… Hairy Alisa gets turned on by her phone call and white socks. She gets so excited that she jumps around the loveseat and pulls on the hair under her arms. Then she masturbates until she cums.

To tell the truth I don’t really care about stories. I am a man. I want hairy pussy. And sex. So as long as she spreads her hairy cunt nicely for us then its all good. And Alisa does, and she looks very fuckable for sure.

She’s got three photo sets and three movies so far. She’s 22 years old and she likes it doggy style. She’d like to get fucked by two guys at once… one in her pussy and one in her asshole.

You can see all of Alisa’s excellent work at We Are Hairy.

Mariana Killer Body

January 27, 2013 By: HoRNy Rico Category: Hairy Pussy No Comments →

Mariana from Argentina looks so hot in this outfit with boots. She looks even better naked. She opens up her inviting hairy pussy from the front and rear in this set.

She’s got a nice body and a great ass, and her she’s got a very nice triangle on her. I’ve noticed in several of her galleries that she looks awesome when she flashes her bush.

This cute little chick has 29 galleries so far as well as 10 movies. She’s 21 years old and she says she likes to get on top. I’d let her ride it no problem.

You can see all of Mariana’s excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

New Hairy Olivia

January 23, 2013 By: HoRNy Rico Category: Girls with Tattoos, Hairy Asses, Hairy Pits, Hairy Pussy No Comments →

Here’s an all natural Seattle amateur hairy model called Olivia who was added to ATK Hairy recently. She’s a sexy young lady with abundant body hair in all the right places. So far her work has been excellent!

Olivia was added on December 31st and I’m already in love. She’s got a very nice looking pussy, lots of hair and she’s an excellent spreader.

She’s 26 years old and she’s awesome. There has been a ton of great comments made about her already and everybody else is really liking this gallery.

She’d like to be cleaning in a short dress and then get fucked on all fours. How nice is that?

You can check out more of Olivia at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Cute Hairy Redhead

January 20, 2013 By: HoRNy Rico Category: Hairy Pits, Hairy Pussy No Comments →

This little hippy chick Brandi is pretty hot and she’s been doing some very excellent work. I’m not crazy about the nose ring but she really looks quite fuckable otherwise.

Brandi is cute and she has a nice body. She’s got hairy pits and hairy legs, and she’s got a really nice looking hairy pussy as well. I love how the fur fans out from her slit, and that her bush is light enough to see through.

Here’s a description of this actual gallery… Gorgeous all natural San Diego model Brandi Dandi shows off her stunning hairy legs, bush and pits in a well shot set by Soft Focus Productions.

She’s got 10 galleries and 3 movies so far and I’m looking forward to seeing even more of her work. If we were going to do it then I’d take a Viagra for this honey.

You can see all of Brandi’s excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Tool Girl

January 16, 2013 By: HoRNy Rico Category: Hairy Pussy No Comments →

Tools down and pay attention to our horny handy woman Jodi. Her moist hairy bush is ready to be hammered hard!

Jodi looks great in this gallery. There are a couple of shots in there that would make great posters. When she’s done posing, she gets up on the bench… and now we see what she wants.

She’s got seven photo sets and 4 videos so far and she’s looking hot and horny.

Jodi is 21 years old and is from California. She likes to get on top and ride it.  She says her wildest fantasy is to be tied up and made to cum relentlessly.

You can see all of Jodi’s excellent work at We Are Hairy.

Hairy Blonde Alice

January 13, 2013 By: HoRNy Rico Category: Hairy Pussy No Comments →

Russian amateur hairy model Alice strips out of her t shirt and shorts to reveal a sweet curvy body with natural tan lines and a sexy furry kitty in this set by Roman K.

Sounds good and looks great. This is a very cute girl and she’s easy to look at. I sure wouldn’t mind letting her fuck me whenever she wants.

Alice has done 21 galleries so far including some hardcore and she also has 10 movies. She’s 22 years old and is from St. Petersburg.

These shots are from her most recent gallery in young and hairy volume 1247. She’s been doing some really good work. After you check out all her work then you’ll want her to do you too.

You can see all of Alice at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hot Hairy Jessica Biel

January 09, 2013 By: HoRNy Rico Category: Hairy Pussy No Comments →

Here’s a very cute babe. Check out Jessica Biel. She has 42 galleries including some hardcore stuff and 22 movies. There’s a really nice variety of work here and this babe is very hot.

This is an excellent gallery of a sexy Czech hairy model from her work in the UK with photographer Sean R and she does not disappoint in yet another excellent display of her gorgeous natural body and hairy vagina.

Jessica is 21 years old and is from Prague. She says she has no sexual fantasies so she’s available to help work on your’s. This is a stunningly beautiful girl with an incredibly warm, sexy body.

That bush just gets better every day, and the arse pulls are off the clock.

You can see all of Jessica’s excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Sexy Girl

January 06, 2013 By: HoRNy Rico Category: Hairy Pussy No Comments →

Sardahna wants to give you a kiss and suck your dick. This new hairy girl Sardahna already has six galleries and three movies available and she’s been doing some excellent work.

I normally have a preference for women with slimmer thighs but this chick just has a way of looking so fuckable. I’ve already noticed several excellent shots of her, like one I saw yesterday where she’s on the floor on her knees and she gets her ass way up. You can tell she’s so ready for a deep ass fucking if you’re ready to give it.

She likes rough play, spankings, muscular arms and booty girls. She’d like to eat some pussy while being fucked doggy style… he pulls her hair and she slaps her ass.

Sardahna wants to be a homemaker and will go with whatever sexual position her partner is best at. So you can basically fuck her however you want. That’s good.

She’s been getting some good comments so far and alot of people like her. One guy said, I would love to fuck the shit outta her doggy style! What an ass! and another said, Super! More of her big swollen Clit!!!

You can see all of Sardahna’s excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Super Hot Hairy Housewife

January 02, 2013 By: HoRNy Rico Category: Hairy Asses, Hairy Pits, Hairy Pussy, Mature & Hairy, Why ATK Rocks No Comments →

Please welcome UK mature model Jenna Brooke-Benjamin to ATK Hairy and thanks go to Sean R for recruiting and shooting this gorgeous housewife with an all natural hairy body for our viewers to enjoy.

Wow!! This chick is totally amazing. There are so many extremely excellent sexy shots in this gallery, and she’s a very nice spreader too.

Jenna’s debut gallery became available on December 23 and was added to Mature And Hairy 988. I really can’t say enough good about this set. This babe is totally hot and there has been a ton of comments made about how gorgeous she is. If you like what you see in these preview pictures then you really have to see this gallery.

What a hot babe. I already can’t wait to see her next gallery. This girl is so fucking hot she’ll be taking over the hairy world quickly!

Check out mature and hairy Jenna at ATK Natural & Hairy.