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Sexy Marie In A Bikini

February 06, 2016 By: HoRNy Rico Category: Girls with Tattoos, Hairy Asses, Hairy Pussy

This hairy girl Marie has been spreading her wide bush around at ATK Hairy for a while now. She’s got 30 very nice galleries available and almost every one has been marked hot. She also has 9 movies available so far.

You forgot her name already, didn’t you? Too busy looking at that wide bush! This is definitely one thing that will always be admired about a woman!

Combine a wide or thick bush with a pair of meaty looking pussy lips and if she has a cute smile too… anyway, Marie is 25 years old and lives in Washington state.

She likes porn and toys, lingerie, anal and oral. She sounds almost too good to be true!

You can see all of Marie’s excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Hottie Lara

February 14, 2015 By: HoRNy Rico Category: Hairy Pits, Hairy Pussy, Hairy Teens

Talk about a spreader! This little hottie Lara has been doing some pretty amazing work!

She’s got over 64 galleries and 36 movies now, and she’s even done some hardcore and some lesbian stuff as well. What a little slut she’s turning out to be, huh? But what a little sweety!

If you want to see more of this girl spreading her hairy pussy, there is lots more to see.

Watch her spread like crazy and watch her get fucked.

And if you love to see girls who spread open their holes, then Lara is definitely one of those too.

There are many comments about her and where did I read this? “Hairy Lara prefers a softer touch. That’s why she’s wearing her sexy lingerie as she licks her arm pits. She reveals her fuzzy pussy and hopes you’ll have a taste.”

Oh yeah? Are you kidding me? Sure, you’ll have a taste but then you’ll absolutely need to fuck too! Especially after you watch this little honey spread open her gash at ATK Natural & Hairy.

This is a really huge site we’re talking about here. There will be tons and tons of hairy girls spreading THEIR hairy cunts too, so don’t get lost! And make sure you check out Lara here. You’ll enjoy her work for sure!

ATK Natural & Hairy.

Highly Fuckable Latoya

August 06, 2014 By: HoRNy Rico Category: Hairy Asses, Hairy Pussy, Mature & Hairy, Why ATK Rocks


Latoya is perhaps the most beautiful woman I have ever set eyes upon. Amazing huge breasts, ridiculous amounts of hair, luscious meat flaps. Simply perfection. Such an ethereal goddess to grace us. There is no finer specimen than this fertile female to breed with.

And what a great cunt…. I love when she spreads her pussy. Latoya looks good from the front or the back.

She’s 30 years old and works as a makeup artist. This hairy Ukranian babe is really nice to look at. She could easily be my girlfriend if she wants.

The last time I checked she had 31 hot galleries and 4 movies available. I’m sure there are more by now. You can see all of Latoya’s excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Wide Bush Wet Slit

June 15, 2014 By: HoRNy Rico Category: Hairy Asses, Hairy Pussy, Hairy Teens, Why ATK Rocks

Sandy was added to the Young & Hairy section on May 20th, and has some nice galleries out so far. This new hairy girl Sandy goes both ways… When I was checking out her work she kind of reminds me a bit of Amber from ATK, who has a similar-shaped bush, and also happens to be a bit of a hairy lesbo too.

I’d do ’em both no problem. Amber does have meaner looking cunt lips though… but to spend an afternoon with these two girls together? Holy Shit! Wouldn’t that be wicked?

You’ll like the work that Sandy has done so far. She’s 18 years old and she’s from Kiev, Ukraine. Her fantasy is to go out in the city with a short skirt on. And she wants a dick in her.

You can see all of Sandy showing her wide bush, her hairy ass and her tight wet hairy slit at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Cute Mature Hairy Spreader

December 29, 2013 By: HoRNy Rico Category: Girls with Tattoos, Hairy Pussy, Mature & Hairy

Bailey is slim and cute, and she’s an excellent spreader. She looks amazing when she spreads open her hole. Like for example, check out today’s last picture… wouldn’t you love to let her fuck it for you? Yes. This hairy milf is actually a bit of a nymph. Just tell her you need a fuck, and she’ll take care of it for you!

She first appeared in the mature and hairy section about a week ago and she’s already got seven quality galleries available, as well as two movies. You’ll want to see lots more of this sweetheart.

Bailey is 34 years old and is from England. She says her favorite sexual positions are spooning and doggy. She’s done some excellent work so far. I want her to get on top.

You can check out more of Bailey at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Young Hairy Babe Opens Her Gash

November 15, 2013 By: HoRNy Rico Category: Hairy Pussy, Why ATK Rocks

This cute hairy girl Brylee is 21 years old and she’s got a pretty big hairy gash. She’s a great spreader and she looks awesome from behind.

There was a description for this gallery… Hairy Brylee strips off her bra and panties. She reveals her lovely little tits and firm ass. Then she spreads her tight pussy in this photo set from BMB.

And does she ever! If you provide a hard cock for her, she looks like she’d give you a serious good fucking. If you happen to love fuck a babe from behind, then you’ll love how Brylee spreads her gash from behind too. I’ve noticed that in her galleries there are some noticeably excellent shots of her from behind.

She’s a hot Latina babe and her work appears in the Exotic & Hairy section. So far she also has two movies as well. What a hot looking snapper!

You can check out all of Brylee’s excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Milf Marlyn

October 27, 2013 By: HoRNy Rico Category: Girls with Tattoos, Hairy Pussy, Mature & Hairy

This new hairy milf Marlyn is looking pretty hot so far. She first appeared at ATK Hairy on the 23rd, and these shots are from her 2nd set.

Here’s the official description of this gallery: Hairy MILF Marlyn strips off her bra and panties. She reveals her plump tits and thick ass. Then she spreads her hairy pussy in this photo set from Sean R.

Tags so far include, brunette Caucasian large tits MILF long hair Over-40 Hairy Pussy Mom big tits cougar mature british, which explains this gallery pretty well.

This was a nice set, as was her first one. She’s a hot looking babe and I like how she spreads. Any hairy pussy lover would be happy to bang her any time.

Marlyn is 43 years old and has a really interesting bio. She wants a man who is submissive and obedient… that would work great sometimes… she looks like she could fuck a guy really good. Wouldn’t you love to try her out?

You can see all of Marlyn’s excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Wide Bush And Nylons

September 30, 2013 By: HoRNy Rico Category: Hairy Asses, Hairy Pussy, Mature & Hairy

This hairy milf Victoria recently caught my eye, as did a whole bunch of awesome hairy babes, really. But what I especially liked about this gallery was Victoria’s wide bush and the fact that she kept her nylons on the whole time. And its cool how her pussy hair works its way down around the inside of her ass cheeks. I love it.

She’s a mature Russian milf who has a tight body, a beautiful hairy pussy and that wide bush almost speaks for itself. She’s currently at 14 galleries and most are in the mature and hairy section but she has a few lesbian galleries there too. Plus she has six movies available… some hot solo ones and some lesbo vids.

Victoria is 30 years old and makes a fine addition to ATK Hairy’s excellent Mature & Hairy section, which has always been one of my personal favorite parts of the site.

She’s currently unemployed (lots of time to fuck) but likes swimming naked (we should probably fuck), and says she wants to have sex on a beach. See, she even says she wants to fuck. I knew it!

You can check out all of Victoria’s excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy. Use their search engine to find more babes in nylons, Russian babes, see the whole mature section, all the movies, whatever. It’ll keep you busy for quite a long time. ATK Hairy Rocks!

Hairy Model Name Change

August 07, 2013 By: HoRNy Rico Category: Hairy Pits, Hairy Pussy

As if it weren’t already hard enough keeping up with all the names of the hairy ATK models, Grace goes and changes her name to Valentine.

Grace appeared back in 2007 and was quite popular as a blonde. She’s back again though, and now she’s a redhead… still slim and quite fuckable, plus she has hairy pits too.

Valentine has 20 galleries now, which are 10 sets old and 10 sets new. All of the new ones are already marked as hot by the members of ATK Hairy.

She’s 33 years old and she has a thing for girls who look like boys. But when she is with a real man, she loves to get on top and ride it. Her pussy looks very inviting when she opens it up. She has nice lips. I’d let her ride me any day.

You can see all of Valentine’s excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Mature Hairy Spreader

August 04, 2013 By: HoRNy Rico Category: Hairy Pussy, Mature & Hairy

This hairy milf Maria is an awesome spreader. She’s got at least 11 huge sets so far, and they have all been marked as hot. And they certainly are! Every set contains a bunch of shots that are keepers. My collection of Maria pictures is growing nicely.

In every gallery so far she eventually stretches her pussy lips out and then her cunt looks even better. This chick looks awesome from behind too.

Maria is 38 years old and also had three movies the last time I checked. She’s a personal trainer and I think the first thing she’d need to train me on is how to NOT cum in her hairy cunt so fast.

Fuck, is she nice. And if you check out all her nice work then you will absolutely want to fuck her too.

You can see all of Maria’s excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Cop With Tight Pussy

July 31, 2013 By: HoRNy Rico Category: Hairy Pussy

Dianne did a great job as a cop in this excellent gallery. She looks hot in her uniform and her pussy sure looks tight. It was kind of hard to narrow this one down to only four shots.

Before you start thinking about breaking the law right in front of her to get her attention, Dianne has already figured out her uniform makes it really easy to attract guys. She looks real enough to me. Play along with her and you’ll be getting some hairy pussy for sure!

Instead of hauling you off to jail, she wants to take you somewhere private. Your punishment for whatever, will be to give her a deep, hard fucking, the way she wants it. That floor looks good, or maybe up against the wall.

Dianne looks cute and very fuckable enough in this gallery, but then towards the end she opens her hole. Oh man!! She’s totally ready for it.

She was added on June 4th and already has at least 7 hot galleries. She’s from England and she’s 21 years old. This hairy blonde also happens to be into bondage. What a perfect sexual fantasy to go with her uniform.

You can see all of Dianne’s excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Long Pubes On Bella

July 28, 2013 By: HoRNy Rico Category: Girls with Tattoos, Hairy Pussy

Here’s another new girl from ATK Hairy, this hottie is Brenda. She’s got long pubes and her bush looks amazing. Its nice and fluffy and she’s a good spreader.

These shots are from her second gallery, which was added on July 9th. She’s a latina girl, and in this set she ends up spreading on a towel on the floor. That looks like a good enough place to me.

I also saw a tag somewhere related to this gallery that said piercing. What piercing? I was too busy looking at her cunt.

She’s got some tattoos though, and she looks hot. Anyone in their right mind would love to fuck this.

Brenda is 28 years old and says she likes tall men who are funny. I’m looking forward to seeing lots more of this girl.

You can see all of Brenda’s excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Blonde Has Mean Snapper

July 24, 2013 By: HoRNy Rico Category: Hairy Pussy, Why ATK Rocks

Check out the tasty looking snapper on this new hairy blonde, Bella. What a nice looking chick. Her pussy looks awesome in every shot.

She’s lean and in shape  and has an absolutely superb vulva. She’s a yoga instructor and looks highly fuckable. And you thought I liked her because of the pigtails or her hairy arms.

Bella wrote in her full bio that her sexual fantasy is “a beautiful girlfriend to bring home to my man”. So what does that mean? She’s going to bring someone else too?

It looks like she’d be no problem to slip into. I bet she’d drain you pretty good all by herself.

Anyway, I’m really looking forward to seeing lots more of this one.

You can see Bella’s excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Teen With Tight Ass

July 20, 2013 By: HoRNy Rico Category: Hairy Pussy, Hairy Teens

This hairy Venezuelan hottie Salina is cute and she has a tight ass. Hey, weren’t you Miss Venezuela before? Doesn’t matter. We can still fuck if you want.

She’s done some very nice work and so far she has 10 photo galleries and 5 movies available.

She’s 19 years old and is looking for a guy who has a good sense of humor.

You can see lots more of this Hispanic hairy girl at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Hottie Spreads In A Car

May 29, 2013 By: HoRNy Rico Category: Hairy Pussy

This hairy hottie Mariana has been doing some very nice work. There was a recent gallery of her stripping by a car out on a country road… and she’s naked and lays on the seat… holy shit, what a hottie!

Mariana is an Argentinian hairy model who is 21 years old and is very cute. Most of her galleries are shot outdoors and she loves to flaunt her fluffy haired beaver. She could do that in front of me any time!

If you like this little hottie so far then you should come and check out all her work. I’d love to fuck her out there in that field, or maybe at that beach. That’s all I’m saying.

You can see all of Mariana at ATK Natural & Hairy.