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ATK Pandora is 26 years old and is from England. She's an excellent spreader, and was very popular around the time that her galleries first started to appear at Natural & Hairy. This chick quickly became one of my hairy favorites, and she did with so many other people. I used to hear so many good things about her, but already she seems to be another of the many forgetten hairy models from ATK.

Scarlett is another hairy favorite, she must be one of the most all-time sought-after hairy models that ATK has ever had. She did a ton of work for ATK during her career, but unfortunately there hasn't been any new galleries of Scarlett released for quite some time now. But she's still very popular. This chick is a total babe, and she's got hair in all the right places. What a sweetheart!

Oh, Mariam! Still one of my all-time favorite hairy models from ATK. She's an excellent spreader with a real nice cunt. She's even got a hairy ass too, but never really did seem to show off that fact so much. New galleries of Mariam stopped appearing all of a sudden around February 2006, but this one was excellent as usual. Mariam used to have more pictures at ATK than any other model, I'm not sure if that is still true. But either way, she's totally fuckable, and there is still alot of her to be seen at ATK Natural & Hairy. Make sure you check out her movies too, because there are some excellent ones of her jerking off in the members' area as well.

Miranda is a cute, hairy blonde teen from Australia. She's got some very excellent galleries available too. Add her to your list of must-see models at ATK because she's pretty damned nice too!

ATK Traci is another of Natural & Hairy's blondes that I really like. She's got a nice set of lungs on her and a cute face. But most important, she's got a nice hairy pussy too. She's got several nice sets available.

Rachel looks like an average girl next door but she's got a hairy cunt. All girls-next-door should have hairy pussies, if that were the law then there'd be no guesswork involved any more, and that would make life so much simpler for everyone. Rachel is a decent spreader and likes to show off her hairy pussy.

ATK's hairy model Olivia is like an old-school hairy favorite now. Much to the dismay of several thousands of hairy fans, there hasn't been any new work from Olivia for quite some time. She's got a massive, thick bush. I've never heard anyone say a bad thing about this cutie. Sure, she looks a bit pale in some of her sets but once you see what a nice hairy pussy she's got then who cares? Olivia is another of the many ATK models that we'd love to see more of.

Mary Jane is one of the several models around Natural & Hairy with that name. This Mary Jane was one of the first I think, but don't quote me on that. She's got lots of excellent galleries. She has a nice hairy pussy and a hairy ass. She's also an excellent spreader. Mary Jane is really good jerk-off material!

In February 2006 we also added this nice gallery of ATK's hairy teen cutie Tanya. She was one of their current models at that time, and has a nice hairy cunt. She's a decent spreader and always looks happy. She enjoys her work, and we enjoy stroking our cocks while staring at her hairy pussy. It's a win-win for everybody!

Iliana was another current model when this gallery was posted. She's a cute blonde and a decent spreader. I don't remember hearing much about her really, but she was definitely good enough to make it onto Hairy Pussy Shots. I don't have much info about Iliana but can say at least that she's fuckable.

Monique is one of the many hairy Russian babes from Natural & Hairy. If they took all the hairy Russian puntang and put them all together, they could make one pretty nice site! But that's just part of what makes ATK Natural & Hairy so good. Monique is a decent spreader, and I enjoyed looking at all her sets.

Last but not least is Janelle. She was only 18 years old when she started her short career at ATK. She quicly became one of their many all-time favorite hairy models, and still is. She's got an amazing hairy pussy and a hairy ass. Pictures of Janelle are still much sought-after, but unfortunately there hasn't been any new sets of her released since February 2006. This gallery is a sample of her last set. I spoke with ATK about Janelle and found out that they never did shoot any video of her. So many people have been asking about her that I just had to find out once and for all. Janelle has several excellent sets at Natural & Hairy. I'm not sure, but I think there was about 30 sets last time I checked. She also appeared at ATK Exotics in the "trimmed" section, and those sets are excellent too. But for some reason her sets are disappearing from ATK Exotics. You want more of Janelle, go straight to ATK Natural & Hairy.

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